We are a townhouse in the central NE Calgary with three bedrooms and a treatment room, to provide a space to recover, regroup, or just have a time out.

As soon as we are up an running, there are potential spaces for:

  • Long term convalescence (3-6 months) for folks recovering from illness or surgery that would not do well at home alone.
  • short term recovery/mentoring (2-4 weeks) for anyone struggling with their health who needs a break and a focused time to learn the health management and diet tricks to continue healing on their own, or to maximize their wellbeing living with a chronic illness.
  • Meditation retreats from 1 day up to 1 week, for those whose struggles are more mental than physical. Learn meditation techniques, sit in a supportive environment, have a week of eating well and self care to get you back into the game.
  • Drop in Silent Sundays where anyone can come and meditate, read, nap, go for walks, snack and otherwise take a time out and get your soul filled up again.
  • Our hope is to also provide in-house Reiki, Massage, Healing Touch, TMC, Hypnotherapy, etc.. for residents and other guests. If you are a therapist looking for a PT space let us know.

We will also be a gathering place to share volunteer resources for those needing support but not living in-house. Drop us a line and let us know what you need most, we may be able to add that to what we develop.