Gosh! So many ways to give!

Donations of time or money can be credited to a meditation retreat for yourself or someone else.

We are still in the set up stages, so if you can help, just contact us, and we with sort it from there.


We especially need motivated, good hearted people to take on leadership roles.

  • daytime drivers to appointments
  • fix-it stuff around the house
  • booking and admin help
  • errand runner (alone or driving a client)
  • Support navigating the logistics of starting a home business
  • fundraising and marketing
  • community liaisoning with other organizations
  • kitchen help and hippie food prep
  • Bookeeping
  • website support


We now have a gofundme page. Also useful:

  • someone to sponsor a SPUD bin
  • books of transit tickets
  • gift cards for Co-op, RONA, Shoppers Drug Mart, IKEA, or other shops are helpful for our organisation as well as our clients
  • gift cards to cab companies would be especially helpful for our clients
  • we are looking into a subscription plan where you can pay monthly and then take a week of meditation retreat sometime in the year, like a serenity time share, let us know if this is something of interest to you


As we get this set up we could potentially use furniture, throw rugs, house plants, and other house accoutrements.

There are also day to day supplies we could always use.

  • toilet paper and kleenex (unscented)
  • laundry soap (unscented)
  • copies of your favourite books for self care, spiritual work, meditation, and relaxation (Terry Pratchett is my go-to for fun reads, would be wonderful to have a whole set of his works)
  • We do a lot of hippie baking here so butter, coconut oil, oat flour, organic wheat flour, oats, local honey, maple syrup, raw nuts and seeds are all helpful
  • donations of yarn for those who chose knitting for respite
  • There will be lots of meditation and napping happening, so cushions, mats, blankets in abundance would be a plus