Hi I’m Valerie. Bedhead ninja level, trained in several styles of meditation, and can list ten different ways to do nothing off the top of my head. I have in the course of my illness, utilised a variety of diets including vegetarian, paleo, zone, Chinese Medicine directed, and food sensitivity specific. I am a self care and illness management rockstar. And I am jazzed about building a home that is not only healing and supportive for me, but can help you take better care of yourself and improve your quality of life.

Back story: I got mono in high school, it triggered what was called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at the time. What really matters is since then (nearly 30 years now) I have been about 80% independent in my daily life and never really well enough to financially support myself. I wad very lucky for most of my life my parents filled that 20% care gap – fixing a sink, a ride to the doctor’s, money for a new winter coat, and most importantly a soft place to land and get some care when I had a bad relapse.

I have known my parents would not always be around to fill that small independence gap, and I have tried two separate plans to shift that care and failed. So, Plan C is to turn my home into a collaborative light care/respite home that I become both a client and mentor of. Together we share the costs of hiring out (or brain organising volunteers) that extra bit of support – cooking, housekeeping, fix-it projects, rides to appointments.

It is my goal to help those who more and more seem to be falling through the cracks, and maybe a leg-up for those who have already fallen through. On the side this will be a great environment for those just needing a bit of refuelling, as well as a hub where we can share resources and ideas.

This is a brand new endeavour, a culture change in how we find and offer support, and we are making it up as we go along, trying to find the best levers to not only keep me stable and healthy (and well enough to write again) but change a system so we all stay healthier and more fulfilled.