We are a novel approach to in-house care for those who aren’t functioning well alone but would thrive with a bit of support. We provide long term cooperative care, as well as shorter respite support for those not doing well on their own, and even short term meditation retreats for those just needing a time out.

We provide a place people can regroup, heal, and learn the self care and grounding skills that will make them more resilient and improve their quality of life.

More and more people are developing burnout and chronic illnesses. These illnesses are often nebulous, hard to diagnose, and not fitting in our usual systems of support. People are falling through the cracks, lives and families put in turmoil. We aim to start a new model of care, improving how we care for each other, and develop ways to learn how to take better care of ourselves.

What do you need? Are you in a position to give, or do you need to receive? Maybe a little of both.